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Fandango markets its own high-oleic cooking oil. We have many years of experience supplying this oil to thousands of kitchens across the country.
The special composition of our oil (a combination of canola, safflower and sunflower oils, producing high oleic qualities) revolutionizes the way oil is used, so that our customers enjoy an improved product at significant savings.

To gain all the advantages of this oil (or of any oil), be sure to follow the professional guidelines for using it.

Restaurant Supplies

For over a decade Fandango has provided disposable products for the professional kitchen. We offer a broad range of products (over 1,300) for a wide variety of professional kitchens, including cleaning products, paper goods, disposable utensils, spices, our “cooking oil with the advantage,” brand-name products and more. All our products are of the highest quality, and our prices are attractive. What’s more, Fandango offers personalized products (disposable utensils and shopping bags) and storage items for kitchens, fast-food stands and supermarket chains.

Fandango’s clients include exclusive restaurants, specialty restaurants, culinary clubs, fast-food outlets and employee dining facilities. Thanks to our professional regional managers, we are able to provide all of our clients with exactly the products they need and want, based on their establishment’s purpose and budget. All our services are provided in a timely and professional manner.


Fandango has been collecting and recycling used cooking oil since 1993 (the company was incorporated in 1997). As Israel’s first such provider, Fandango is Israel’s representative in the World Renderers Organization. Fandango maintains the strictest standards in the field, as befits a company that focuses on constant upgrading, steadily improving the services it provides for its clients. Since 2005, we have been certified by the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and by the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). Fandango is fully insured and is licensed by Israel’s Agriculture Ministry to market recycled cooking oil.

After the used oil is collected, the supplier has a choice to be paid in cash or in credit toward his purchases.

  • Credit - Those who choose to be paid in credit receive NIS 4.72 (includes sales tax) for each kilogram of oil, to be used for Fandango products, including cleaning solutions, paper goods, disposable goods and more, choosing from our more than 1,300 products (click here for more information). The credit is included in the invoice of the client’s purchase.
  • Cash - Those who choose to be paid in cash are paid according to the current market value of the used oil, which can vary daily.
These values are determined by the U.S. commodities market. Fandango charges the amount that appears on the US market’s site, and the market price is the basis for the rate it will pay to restaurants, which will fluctuate according to the market prices.

Oil-Separating Tanks

Fandango, in partnership with Shva Technotech, Ltd., offers its service for oil-separating pools.

We employ an exclusive method that reduces certain characteristics of the fats, such as the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and the chemical oxygen demand (COD). Because of this, the separating pools need to be emptied less often, which results in considerable savings in the cost of treating restaurant kitchen waste.

Do you have oil-separating pools? Contact Fandango for information about our unique treatment methods.


Fandango is proud to be a provider of raw materials for environmentally friendly fuel, produced from organic oils. Fandango provides the highest quality oil for fuel production. The oil supplied by Fandango meets the most stringent sulfur standards and it is in the ideal range of the amount of iodine in oil. It is characterized by a particularly low percentage of free fatty acids.

In 2014 Fandango was included in a list of the few used frying oil providers to the industry for biodiesel production in Europe. After a careful examination of Fandangos work processes, and suiting the stringent standards of the European Union, Fandango received the high standard - ISCC-EU. This standard enables Fandango to market used oil in order to produce environmentally friendly fuel, Oil customers include Biodiesel producers in the far East, Europe and Israel.


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