Simple Order

In order to make it easier for those who offer their oil to Fandango, we have joined forces with the SimpleOrder company. This allows all of Fandango’s suppliers to access their accounts directly and receive up-to-the-minute reports about how much Fandango owes them, the date of the next collection, and a list of all previous collections. This information is very helpful to suppliers, and it enables food store chains to keep track of each branch’s productivity, through a clear graphic image of the oil collected from each branch.

SimpleOrder can also be used to order merchandise online at no extra cost. This enables Fandango’s clients to keep track of their orders and inventory. For a small monthly fee they can receive a detailed report of their activities, plus automatic messages with pertinent and timely information. Orders can be placed through an application on the site. When ordering, clients can see the cost of each item Fandango sells, and they will receive an automatic message if there is a change in price or if a particular item is out of stock.

Do you operate a restaurant or an institutional kitchen? Join the ever-growing family of satisfied Fandango clients.

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